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Where the Passion Begins



Dragon Lord / Head Brewer

The 'Walter White' of the brewing world; a Chemical Engineer by trade Stuart spent over 30 years working in chemical and food manufacturing industries. He finally 'retired' in 2013 to pursue his dream of creating the best beers in the world.

Unfortunately, upon taking over the brewery, he realised that things may not be as simple as he expected. His first clue was when the previous owner broke into fits of laughter when Stuart signed the deeds and ran away screaming 'I'm free! Finally free! Take that you dragons'. His second clue came approximately 2 seconds later when a dragon swooped down as if from nowhere, scooped up the previous owner in its mouth, and flew again away making some ominous crunching noises.

Since that day Stuart has had his hands full juggling dragon feeding times, beer brewing responsibilities, deliveries and writing very apologetic letters to the families of people who have mysteriously disappeared during dragon feeding times. And to think he honestly believed retirement would be easy.

Man and Dragon


Brewer / Experimental Alchemist

Alex has been involved in with the pub trade for most of his adult life. He's also worked in it.

As part of Spirit Amber group he has worked in pubs across the North West and North East of England and knows a fair amount about the varying tastes across regions and even between pubs.

Driven by a passionate desire to brew his own recipes, Alex is incredibly enthusiastic when faced with bags of hops and other ingredients and gained the nom-de-brew of Experimental Alchemist after somebody left their cat nearby whilst he was brewing. Unfortunately we are now out of 'mittens ale' as the Dragons took quite a liking to it.



Marketing & IT / Apprentice Magician

Drawn to the company by the combined need for beer and money, Matt is the computer Brains behind the team.

The Dragons have given up trying to eat him despite the fact he holds no direct benefit for them (he very rarely actually makes the beer). This is mainly because, despite their best efforts, they can't help but succumb to instant onset narcolepsy every time they get near to him. Usually because he's waffling on about quad cores and hyper threaded doo dahs and gigabytes of RAM and offline backups and serverrrrzzzzzz....zzzzzz....

He has been seen to pull beer at events and at local establishments part time; occasionally selling it as well. His current pride and joy is an angram system set up in the utility room - creating a triangular route between lounge, loo and beer tap. Most recently he has insisted on taking on the role as chief beer tester. This has, of course, meant that he has even greater access to intoxicating fluids and now has very little idea what century we are in.

He has been given the title as apprentice magician because quite frankly no one is entirely sure how he does what he does. He clicks a few buttons, mumbles a few words and out comes something that.... well, frankly no one understands anyway, but it looks pretty. Sounds like Magic to us!

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