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Great Green Dragon

The Matriarch of the Sandstone Dragons. The fastest, most powerful (and most importantly, the worst loser) of all the Dragons.

 Eridor, the Great Green Dragon, always did like going fast. However, after an unfortunate incident involving a biplane and a small squirrel she has been banned from flying over the mainland. Luckily she was able to exchange some of her treasure trove for a sports car and can now be found terrorizing track days all over the UK



The Onyx Dragon

Bjorn, the Onyx Dragon, originally hails from Norway. Many years ago, however, he visited Wrexham to meet up with the other Sandstone Dragons on holiday. He immediately fell in love with the Welsh mountain air, those ‘walking wool pillows’ and, most importantly, the local Sandstone beers.

No one has yet had the guts to tell him to go home yet (except Barry, but no one has seen him since) so instead we have named our full bodied, dark, ‘stout’ after him (no offence intended Bjorn)



The Desert Dragon

Not exactly 'with it' this one. Nimbus is known for having his head in the clouds (it's definitely not between his ears anyway). He is often claiming to have returned from a great adventure, having found great treasures and strange beasts beyond imagination. Last time he had made this claim, however, it transpired that he'd gone the long way round to the corner shop and then made a teepee out of newspapers.

We have made him the figurehead for Desert Dragon, our thirst quenching amber ale, as the first time he arrived at the brewery he was wearing a kiffeyeh style turban and riding a sheep, proclaiming that he had just traversed the great Welsh Deserts in order to find the legendary Sandstone Brewery. He then proceeded to demand an easy going, refreshing and light pale ale. We gave him a taste of our new brew and haven't been able to get rid of him since. Thus 'Desert Dragon' was born.



Twisted Dragon

Kelner was never the same after returning from the Mountain of Secrets. Once an adventurous dragon, sharp, talented and a with sense of humour no one could hide from. Two barrels of sandstone beer and an ill judged wager later, however, and he disappeared on an adventure from which he would never truly recover.

When he returned it seemed that a horrific, twisted beast of warped bone and bent scales had presumed his form; incoherent mania and insanity consumed all those he came close to. His body seemed to slither, crack and jerk in ways nature never intended. His voice was one of twisted logics and truthful lies. No one knew if he was blind or whether his constant swaying impaired an already blurred image, but his movement was often so laboured and random that he could barely stand.

It is said that the only way to comprehend the ramblings of one of mythology's greatest losses is to drink his home brew. No one knows the recipe bar our own head Brewer. But be warned, many have been lost to the powerful elixir. Some have even become as crazy as Kelner himself,  lost forever in their own minds, but those that fell and returned have spoken of lost feelings returning unannounced, beauteous sirens who's radiance fails in the morning light, and the greatest stories ever told hiding from them on the very cusp of their consciousness. Perhaps these are the secrets that the fabled mountain held or maybe they were all just rat-arsed.



Local Postmistress

Definitely not a dragon; Edith, the local Postmistress, famed for her tenacity and dedication, is still somewhat of a legend around these parts, she was even known to the Dragons, who were always grateful to get their magazine subscriptions on time.
In fact, apart from the time when her Experimental Postal Delivery System backfired, launching an unsuspecting squirrel into low orbit, she has never missed a delivery and we think that’s worth celebrating (with an aptly named beverage).



The Lazy Dragon

The official mascot for Lazy Dragon Ale. He believes that 9 times out of 10 the easiest way is the best way. He also believes that the one time in ten that it's not is because somebody tried to do something far too complicated in the first place.

Usually found 'resting his eyes' in a corner of the Brewery close to the beer (for 'efficiency's sake') his laid back view on life means he's rarely in trouble but in the Summer months he does occasionally venture outside for a few gallons of Lazy Dragon: possibly the easiest beer to drink ever made.

Sandstone Edge Pump Clip.png


A misheard naming convention

Whilst not technically a dragon, Sandstone Brewery is the official home of the Sandstone Dragons. We know this because they rarely get home in time for tea, always steal our beer and leave the place in a mess when they leave. However, we love them and that’s all that matters really.
The name Sandstone Edge came around when our Chief Brewer overheard The Great Green Dragon, Eridor chatting about it and he thought it would be a great name for a beer.
It turns out, however, that she was actually referencing her friend Sam’s stone hedge (try saying it out loud), but he had misheard.

Proper Gander.jpg


The Proper Gander

A very proud and apparently upstanding Goose, heralding from across the pond.

Constantly giving his opinion on politics despite being frequently mis-informed and often accused
(and ironically also often accuses others)
of 'fake news'.

Big fan of twitter.

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