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Drinks, Dragons and Draymen

Sandstone Brewery has helped to restore a traditional craft to the town of Wrexham. Commissioned in late 2008, the 4-barrel plant is situated in a former explosives manufacturing unit on Wrexham Industrial Estate, it has also been infested with Dragons since time immemorial. Well, at  least since the beer arrived. But no one really wants to ask the Dragons how old they are; it's impolite.

We use only the finest ingredients in our Ales with speciality grains from Britain, Germany and Belgium. Hops are sourced worldwide, allowing us a full palate of flavours to experiment with, creating both traditional and contemporary styles of beers.

Our main catchment areas are: North Wales, East Cheshire and West Cheshire, with deliveries to Merseyside and Manchester on a regular basis. Our beers can also be obtained through wholesalers and we are always available to do swaps for interesting beers. Contact us for more details.

Brew Your Own Beer days are our speciality and available all year round. if you would like to learn more
click here or give us a call!

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Sandstone Edge (3.8%) is an aromatic session bitter. It has a pale straw appearance and carries light bitterness and body to the aftertaste. Bitterness comes from a fusion of Fuggles and Goldings hops at the beginning of the boil to balance the pale mal. The aroma comes from a late addition of Cascade hops

Sandstone Edge.jpg


Please do drop by if you would like to speak to us in person, although do call us or email before dropping in as the Dragon's have a tendency to eat unexpected guests presuming them to be fast food deliveries.

Sandstone Brewery, Unit 5A Wrexham Enterprise Park, next to Wrexham Self Store

unit 5a, off Preston Rd, Ash Rd N, Wrexham LL13 9JT

07415 409 625

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